playin' deez songs in my whip and roll out yeaaa!

キョウは青山までroll out and shit playin' deez my old days songs shit!it's make crunk me up yay yo!まぁとにかく昨日膨大なCDから録音した懐かしい曲を爆音で流して走ったのよ。久しぶりにアガるアガる。運転しつつ踊っちまったしケツ振っちまったぜぃ。

マジで好きな曲。fukin' A town songや。

memphis is da shit my favee town even i've neva been down there hahah cuz chu know there is triple six mafia's town yea?

he is a ghost face means white shit hahah even tho his pronounce? voice? his rap is like a real black shit!unlike eminem shit! hate mm's rap lmao

ow yea back in the dayz huh

actually that time was the real shit fun at the club!when playin' alala no limit, cash money's songs in the clubs. we r shake ass, hook up niggaz , we r rollin' by my whip around fussa city and yokosuka city wiz my bitches hahahah and crunk songs. 
excuse i said niggaz but my niggaz call me "nigga" cuz my soul was nigga more than real niggaz hahahah.

やっぱりcash money, no limitとか流れてた頃のクラブがすごく面白かったのだ!ケツも振ったし、男も引っ掛けたし、bitch満載の車で赤線や横須賀流して男達にイエーーーーーーイ!って言われて、楽しかったーーーーーー!

元ネタも好き。でもこのリリックが良いんだよ。my ghetto hood万歳!って感じ。



この曲が出る少し前に私のgrillがNYから届いて、ソレ付けてクラブ行ってこの曲でcrunk upだったよ!nigga達でさえも持ってなくて自慢気に見せびらかしたのが懐かしい。ハハハ。



  1. yessssss rep that A! so many atlanta rappers in your post, love it! big boi, luda, t.i.!

    but i love cash money 4 life too!

    thanks for these vids!<333333.

  2. i know i know! A is ur town!
    those r old memories songs!
    that time was so much fun at club!