lemme see ya tongue ring

朝からhard core dirty south を聞きたくなって、ただいまrec中。やっぱりtriple six mafiaは最高だわ。
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triple six mafia juicy j & i!
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mah bitches!3−6のステージに上がってみんなでケツふって楽しーーーーーー!

今US air force 横田基地にいるダイちゃんと喋ってた。土曜日は横田のmodelsと展示会行くかも?
but but but like he said, u know kyoko sis they r fuckin' own pace still can't handling.........
not sure yet about schedule sit. this the ni99a style oops its american peeps style huh 
so meet us at there venue!aight!catch u lat a!

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